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Another Dream - about Harmonium

Tags: music birds dream
Creator: milos (Miloš Vojtěchov...)
Submitted: 2024-01-15
Recorded: 2024-01-15
Licence: All rights reserved.

In the late 1970s, I bought a small church harmonium for 200 crowns from Jirka Švestka, who got is from some priest (he was already commercially talented at the time). I took the harmonium to Radlice to Pechlátova Street 15, repaired the bags and tried how to play like Nico, Ivor Cutler, or maybe Allen Ginsberg did. I learned the song The Whiter Shade of Pale by Procol Harum the best. But if MozartK could travel to concerts by car, Franta Watzl had to cut off the bottom and then the instrument fit in the trunk of a Trabant combi. But whatever I played on the harmonium sounded a moment later than what the others played. I kept catching up with them and was rather stressed out from the pedaling and catching up the others in the band. Later somebody brought the harmonium to me in Amsterdam and after ten years back to Plasy. Now it's broken and stuck in a shed in Michle for a few years and probably became a shelter for a house mouse or a field vole.. I dedicated this Dream to the memory of the mobile harmonium and the memory of travelling Phil Niblock, who wrote music which sounded as if 20 helicopters were circling or landing around you. Rest in Peace Phill.