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The Dream about the tramway ride across the Libeň Bridge

Creator: milos (Miloš Vojtěchov...)
Submitted: 2024-06-23
Recorded: 2024-06-23
Licence: Creative Commons Licence
Download: smeruzovky.mp3

On Thursday night, on my way towards Karlín, I passed Palmovka and in front of Kaufland, I suddenly realized that to the right side, where the arches of the bridge should have been, something was missing. Yesterday I found in the news that due to the state of emergency of part of the Libeňský soumostí, the "two-way suspension of tram traffic in the section Libeňský bridge - Palmovka" continues until further notice. It will be probably closed not only to tram traffic, but also to cars and pedestrians. I remember the route on foot, by bike, and by tram across the bridge because, among other things, I used to work as a night watchman at the PSO comp on Libeňský ostrov. It probably activated the deeper layers of my subconscious, and at night I thought that I was taking the tram for the night shift and I couldn't find the right connection to get to Libeň on time. In fact, no one checked us at that time to see if we were actually sitting in the maringotka, but I guess I felt obliged to sit there in case a control came from the headquarters in Jarov. The traffic dream is dedicated to Mrs. Dagmar Hazdrová, whose voice still sounds inside the Prague's trams, and to Ladislav Novák, volcalisating here a tiny fragment of his poem Air Swimmers.



Sample video from performance project Periferie (2004) - part 1.

Homepage: http://hammid.wz.cz/periferie

Mlok/Lemurie TAZ
film/video: Martin Blazicek
music: Beth Custer
music: Martin Alacam
music: Christopher Pajer
producer: Milos Vojtechovsky
actor: Andreas Wutz
actor: Vit Pancir
producer: Association Mlok