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Ludvík Kuba about colours

Tags: archive
Creator: milos (Miloš Vojtěchovský)
Submitted: 2017-06-19
Recorded: 1950-06-19
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Painter, writer, enthnomusicologist Ludvík Kuba (1863 Poděbrady – 1956 Praha) studied organ and took lessons in drawing from Bohuslav Schnirch and Karel Liebscher. He was accepted to the Academy of Fine Arts in the studio of Max Pirner (1891–93). Later he continued at Académie Julian in Paris (1893–95) and in the painting school of Anton Ažbe in Munich (1895-1904). He divided his activities between painting, travelling and collecting folk songs (Slovanstvo ve svých písních - "Slavonic peoples in their songs", transcribed about 4000 songs) and hi published many books about Slavonic folklor. His artistic style was influenced by Impressionism and in his ouvre are many landscapes (his favourite was South Bohemia and Lužice), portraits (e.g. Josef Svatopluk Machar) and still-lifes (Red Begonias). Hi lived since 20ies in his garden house in Strašnice Na Třebešíně Prague 10.

He traveled through the Balkans, observed local Slavic cultures and wrote in detail about the local customs, history and feeling of the people. Memorable works include travels through Macedonia in Book about Macedonia (1925-1927) and Songs from Bosnia and Herzegovina.