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terénní nahrávky, zvukové umění, rádio, zvukové procházky
field recordings, sound art, radio, sound walks

Šafrán in the Václav Havel Library I.

Creator: milos (Miloš Vojtěchovský)
Submitted: 2018-12-21
Recorded: 2018-12-17
Licence: All rights reserved.

Short snap shot from the pre-Christmas meeting in the Václav Havel Library of members and fans of the legendary Safrán Association. It was an accompanying program to the small exhibition From Ear to Ear or the Safrán in Klementinum, hosted by the National Library of the Czech Republic and the Galén publishing house under the auspices of Anna Šabatová. In Havel's library talked and played for example, Vladimír Merta, Jaroslav Hutka, Dáša Andrtová-Voňková or Jiří Slíva. Who did not come were Vlasta Třešňák, Petr Lutka, or Vladimir Veit, Jiří Pallas. The audience was all abundant, though mostly in a mature age. Merta talks now about guitarist Emil Pospíšil and mentions the story of O. Janota in dark times of the police persecution (I think those two bags of samizdat were originally mine) and I apologize, though ex-post.