Zvuky Prahy / Sounds of Prague

terénní nahrávky, zvukové umění, rádio, zvukové procházky
field recordings, sound art, radio, sound walks


Tags: trafic archive
Creator: milos (Miloš Vojtěchovský)
Submitted: 2017-07-27
Recorded: 1982-06-12
Licence: All rights reserved.

The recording of the steam locomotive on Bráník railway station as an appeal for the rescue of Zlíchovská Výtopna. In 2019 the Radlice highway should be built, which threatens the existence of the location of the "Zlíchov heating plant". The construction should be on the yard, and the people who run Zlichov's heating plant are trying to get the investor to change the construction solution and to preserve the site. Czech Railways does not help and said they did not consider the building to be historically valuable. Please support their efforts by signing the petition at https://www.petice24.com/vytopna_zlichov

more info: http://www.masinka.cz/