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The Brutalist Department store Máj

Creator: milos (Miloš Vojtěchov...)
Submitted: 2023-01-13
Recorded: 2023-01-12
Licence: Creative Commons Licence
Download: maj.mp3

The department store Máj was built on a place of the Neo-Gothic Špork Palace which was there until 1939. After its demolition, a temporary wooden pavilion was built there. The building was the project of group of architects J. Eisler, M. Masák and M. Rainiš from the Liberec SIAL studio anb inspired by the of interbellum functionalism with elements of brutalist style. The interior bears the High-tech style. The facade towards Spáléná was constructed of rectangular panels. On the right the glass facade of the escalator hall continues, gradually descending towards the older historical building of Spálená street, demolished because of the metro station Národní. The view of the facade with the escalator hall was in 2014 covered by the adjacent new construction of the Quadrio shopping center.
The department store Máj was is considered as an example of the conscious inspiration to the architecture of Czech interbellum functionalism with elements of brutalist architecture and foreshadowing the architectural concept of the high-tech style.