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terénní nahrávky, zvukové umění, rádio, zvukové procházky
field recordings, sound art, radio, sound walks

A DIfferent End of the World is Possible

Creator: milos (Miloš Vojtěchov...)
Submitted: 2016-11-10
Recorded: 2016-11-04
Licence: All rights reserved.

Water Research Institute TGM in Podbaba was founded in 1919 as the State Hydrological Institute by decision of the Council of Ministers next to the Vltava River and opposite the Imperial island. In August 2002 the building was flooded and it took three years before it was posible to re-cover the function of the buildings with laboratories in the field of water, waste and other environmental elements. In June 2013, however, was the buiding affected by floods again. Although it did not reach the catastrophic scale as in 2002 it took several month to reconstruct the Institute. In recent years, the activities focus on the protection of river network, water quality and assessment of the status of water bodies. The Institute successfully addressed major research projects as "The Research and protection of hydrosphere" and "The Research for Waste Management", as well as projects for the monitoring and evaluation of anthropogenic pressures on water quality in the basins of the Elbe, Morava and Odra, etc. Composed evening was organized by Lucie Rosenfeld, Matěj Pavlik, Jiří Žák and Pavel Sterec in the hydro-engineering laboratory, which is curently in a state of reconstruction. The program was conducted as 4 parallel discussions with 4 invited guests, who spoke on the topics of social engineering, environmental interventions, and anthropology of borders. As part of the festival Photograph.