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terénní nahrávky, zvukové umění, rádio, zvukové procházky
field recordings, sound art, radio, sound walks

Celebration for the drowned

Creator: milos (Miloš Vojtěchov...)
Submitted: 2022-11-14
Recorded: 2022-10-30
Licence: Creative Commons Licence
Download: trzyna.mp3

The annual Celebration for the drowned was held on October 31 on the Vltava steamboat. The celebration commemorates those who drowned in the Vltava river in 2022. It is also a thanksgiving to the river for sustenance. As usually the Vltavan Association and the Prague Steamship Society participated in the celebration and laid flowers at the Vltava statue on the Children's Island. The allegory of the Vltava stands on the top of an obelisk above the locks. It is a figure of a naked girl standing on anchor and a strip of cloth draped over her arm. Below it are reliefs of other allegories of the tributaries of the Vltava. The author of the sculptures is the sculptor and medalist J.V. Pekárek (1873 – 1930), a pupil of C. Klouček and J.V. Myslbek, who created a number of portrait busts and sculptures for public buildings.
Vltavan in Prague is the oldest professional gild founded on June 11, 1871 in Prague's Podskalí as a "mutually supporting association of swimmers, fishermen and coastal Vltava residents".